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The Radical Machiavelli. Politics, Philosophy, and Language

Fillipo del Lucchese (éd.)

Fillipo del Lucchese (éd.), The Radical Machiavelli. Politics, Philosophy, and Language, Brill, 2015, ISBN13 : 9789004287679, 159 €.

In The Radical Machiavelli : Politics, Philosophy and Language, some of the finest Machiavellian scholars explore the Florentine’s thought five hundred years after the composition of his masterpiece, The Prince. Their analysis, however, goes past The Prince, extending to Machiavelli’s entire corpus and shining new light on his political, historical, and military works, with a special focus on their heritage in modern Marxist thought, the arena in which they reverberate most profoundly and originally.

Rather than a neutral, comprehensive, and safe interpretation, this book offers a partial and even partisan reading of Machiavelli, the 16th-century thinker who continues to divide scholars and interpreters, forcing them to confront their responsibility as contemporary thinkers in a global society where Machiavelli’s ideas and the issues they address still matter.