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31 mai - 3 juin 2012, Bruxelles : Second International Meeting of the European Architectural History Network

Session chairs : Konrad Ottenheym and Stephan Hoppe


Konrad OTTENHEYM (Universiteit Utrecht) & Stephan HOPPE (Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München) : Introduction

Satoshi KAWAMOTO (University of Tokyo) : The Ottoman Palaces in the Fifteenth Century and European Influences

Stefaan GRIETEN (Architectural Archives of the Province of Antwerp/University of Leuven) : Erard de la Marck, His Three Residences in the Habsburg Netherlands and the Palace of Liège. Monumental Elements in a Complex Material Discourse on Power, Renascence and Alliance

Mario BEVILACQUA (Università di Firenze) : Grand-Ducal Grandeur. Palazzo Pitti in Florence as a Model for European Baroque Court Residences

Giulio GIRONDI (Politecnico di Milano) : The Apartment of the Duke Vincenzo 1st Gonzaga, Antonio Maria Viani and the Mantuan Palace of Giovan Battista Guerrieri Gonzaga

Elisabeth WÜNSCHE-WERDEHAUSEN (Independent scholar) : Ceremonial and Cultural Interplay in Conflict : Palace Architecture of the Savoyans in Turin

Présentation et programme