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8-9 novembre 2012 (Antwerp, Belgium) : The Key to Power ? The Culture of Access in Early Modern Courts, 1400-1700

Colloque organisé par Dries Raeymaekers and Sebastiaan Derks dans le cadre du programme Palatium.

In collaboration with the European Science Foundation, the University of Antwerp and the Huygens Institute for the History of the Netherlands, the Society for Court Studies is organizing a conference on the notion of ’access to the monarch’ in the early modern period. Having access was of critical importance in a political framework that counted negotiation and reciprocity among its fundamental characteristics. This conference will study the ’accessibility’ of monarchs and rulers in the early modern period from a decidedly comparative perspective by focusing on the interaction between court ceremonial, architecture, material culture and the arts. The conference is part of the ESF Research Networking Programme ’PALATIUM : Court Residences as Places of Exchange in Late Medieval and Early Modern Europe (1400–1700)’ ( The PALATIUM programme aims at creating a common forum for research on the late medieval and early modern European court residence or “palace” (palatium) with an interdisciplinary perspective. For further information please contact Dr. Dries Raeymaekers (Dries.Raeymaekers chez

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