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If you would like to support Cour de France.fr and be informed of our activities and projects, please become a member of our association. Yearly dues are 20€. Membership does not require active participation in association activities; it is simply a way to contribute to our endeavors and sponsor Cour de France.fr, most the activities of which are funded by membership fees and donations. Its goals and mission are described in the regulations of the association.

Cour de France.fr is a not-for-profit association, and 66% of a donation or dues can be deducted from French taxes; hence the actual cost of membership is actually 6.80€. A tax receipt allowing you to take advantage of this deduction is automatically provided when you become a member.

Nota bene:
Payment of membership fees and donations is made via hello asso, the number one online payment site for French associations, which is 100% secure.
In the beginning of the form, just select “1” in the scroll list (for 1 membership).
Once submitted, you will receive an email confirming your membership and providing a link to download your fiscal receipt.
Once the transaction has been completed, hello asso will ask for a tip; you are free to accept or decline.

Click here for the membership link: