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College Students on the Web

Jacob Nielsen

Jacob Nielsen, College students on the Web, 15 décembre 2010, (

Extrait de l’article

College students are an important target audience for many websites. They’re young, they’re about town, they spend whatever money they have (often online), and they frequently look for many different types of information. For sure, they’re an online generation spending — or squandering — large amounts of time on the Web.

User Research
To learn how students use websites, we conducted observational research with 43 students in 4 countries (Australia, Germany, the UK, and the USA). Participants ranged in age from 18 to 24 years and included 18 men and 25 women. Our test participants attended the following educational institutions :

- Freie Universität Berlin
- Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
- Miramar College
- Mesa Community College
- San Diego State University
- Southwestern College
- Thames Valley University
- University of California, San Diego
- University of London
- University of Reading
- University of Sydney
- University of Wisconsin

We tested students studying a broad range of topics — including business, engineering, the humanities, medicine, and science — at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. Most were full-time students, with a few part-timers.

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