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Recall of Information Presented in Text vs. Multimedia Format

Laura Ruel, Steve Outing

Eyetrack III. Online news consumer behavior.

Extrait de l’article

With many news organizations investing time, money, energy, and human resources into online multimedia presentations, the Eyetrack III team was curious : Does the presentation of editorial content in multimedia format help readers understand and remember more story information ?
This report is one of many from the Eyetrack III study of broadband-era news websites.

46 people were tested for one hour each in December 2003 by Eyetools Inc. in partnership with the Poynter Institute and the Estlow Center. During the test period, each test subject viewed mock news websites created for research purposes and real-world multimedia news features. Results were published in September 2004.

To put this concept to the test, we utilized two distinct story presentation styles. With the help of, we edited text versions of two news stories to 3-5 minute reads. We then edited existing multimedia presentations of these stories to a 3-5 minute experience.

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