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5 avril 2017, Nijmegen : Connected Histories and Memories : French Emigrants in Revolutionised Europe

Call for Papers

Keynote speakers : Professor Simon Burrows (Western Sydney University, Australia) ; Professor Kirsty Carpenter (Massey University, New Zealand) ; Dr. Karine Rance (Université Blaise Pascal, France)

Since the publication of the collection of essays on Emigration in Europe edited by Kirsty Carpenter and Philip Mansel in 1999, our knowledge of the emigrant community and that of European responses to the French Revolution have dramatically progressed. The historiography on the subject was renewed with pioneering studies on the Counter-Revolution and Anti-Enlightenment as well as new analysis on the nobility and the heterogeneity of migratory projects. Scholars have ventured into the memorial and literary landscape of emigration, at times articulating literary criticism around the question of trauma and refuge. Research into gender proved to be a fruitful way to challenge previous conceptions of the émigré figure. With this conference, we aim to approach emigration using the notions of connection, transfers and transnationalism, as well as cultural innovations, relating the current knowledge on emigration to studies on the connections between the émigré community and the host country. In particular, we would like to discuss the formation of political and national consciousness deriving from the encounters between the emigrant and their host communities.

This inter-disciplinary event will particularly welcome early career researchers and scholars who have studied or shown an interest in the French émigré community in any European context or beyond. It is open to those researching alternative and trans-national histories of exile in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

Participants are invited to give papers, in English or in French, on the following themes :
  Emigrés, exiles and refugees ? Questioning the designations of individual migrants and their community
  Foreign archival repositories and the renewal of sources on emigration
  Host discourses on emigration and the creation of an émigré national consciousness
  Towards a connected history of emigration and the counter-revolution in Europe and the World
  Against the tide : alternative migratory projects and ruptures with the politically and culturally-dominant émigré group
  Studying emigration in the twenty-first century
  The émigré novel and memoirs in the long eighteenth century literary landscape
 Any other topic relevant to the conference

Please email abstract of 300 words by 5th April 2017 to : l.philip chez and j.reboul chez

Conférence : Radboud University Nijmegen (Netherlands), 19-20th June 2017