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15-17 sept. 2022, Dublin : Emmanuel-Philibert de Pingon (1525-1582) et son temps.

Registration is now open for the conference Emmanuel-Philibert de Pingon (1525-1582) et son temps. It will be held at Trinity College Dublin in the Trinity Long Room Hub and via Zoom between 15-17 September 2022.

Emmanuel-Philibert de Pingon (1525-1582) was a court poet, diplomat, and historiographer at the Court of Savoy under Duke Emmanuel Philibert. He was a key observer of the major political developments of the XVIth century, both within the Duchy of Savoy and at a broader European level, as reflected primarily in his autobiographical Hic vita mea (1566) and his Latin and French poetry. He was also actively engaged in these developments through his diplomatic roles (notably on behalf of Jacques de Nemours and Duke Emmanuel Philibert of Savoy), his engagement with the Court of Savoy and the Court of France at a time of considerable political tension, and his wide circle of influential friends and acquaintances who included Michel de L’Hospital, Nostradamus, Jean de Boyssonné, Louis Milliet and the poet Marc-Claude de Buttet. His close relationship with the Duchess of Savoy, Marguerite de France, to whom he dedicated much of his poetry, is particularly significant.

The Trinity Centre for Medieval and Renaissance Studies at Trinity College Dublin and the French Department are organizing this conference around the figure of Emmanuel-Philibert de Pingon with a view to shedding further light on his life and the socio-political and cultural European context in which he operated. A major aim of the conference is to highlight the wealth of archival material in Chambéry, Annecy, Turin, and Geneva relating to Savoy in this period.

Organisers :
Dr Sarah Alyn Stacey, FTCD, Trinity College Dublin (salynsta chez
Alexandra Corey, Trinity College Dublin (coreya chez

To register to attend online or in person, please follow the link below :