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16-19 mars 2023, Detroit : Boundaries and Encounters

The Society for French Historical Studies and the Western Society for French History invite for a joint conference in Detroit, MI.
As a city built on a series of crossroads – both literal and figurative – Detroit offers a unique setting to explore this year’s theme : “Boundaries and Encounters.” Much of the history of France and the Francophone world incorporates the negotiation of boundaries between groups sharing spaces while ostensibly separated by class, ethnicity, race, gender, culture and other markers of identity. Detroit itself developed out of the interactions among French settlers, Indigenous peoples, and English military forces. This year’s conference will explore the ways that interactions, peaceful ones as well as those marked by violence, have shaped French and Francophone history. It also will interrogate how the meetings of varied cultures and groups shaped French culture in the metropole as well as in France’s global settlements.

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