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19-20 avril 2012, Corsham Court (Bath) : Kings and Queens : Politics, Power, Patronage and Personalities in Medieval and Early Modern Monarchy

Présentation de la manifestation :

The institution of Monarchy was absolutely central to the political developments and events of the medieval and Early Modern world. This conference aims to celebrate monarchy in all of its various aspects, from examining the institution itself to assessing the impact of particular monarchs in their own realms and beyond. Historic Corsham Court, located just outside of Bath, is a beautiful and appropriate setting for this conference, with its origins as a summer palace for the Kings of Wessex.

The programme for the event (see attached, subject to change) highlights a number of important and intriguing areas related to monarchy including the relationship between monarchs and the church, their subjects, the nobility and the members of their court. The nature of both kingship and queenship will be examined by an international group of scholars and will include a range of fascinating monarchs from across Europe and beyond during the period in question.