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2-6 oct. 2013, Porec : Late Antiquity and the Middle Ages in Europe : 20 Years of Research

L’IRCLAMA (International Research Center for Late Antiquity and the Middle Ages) Université de Zagreb, organise son 20e colloque international.

During the last two decades through various scientific projects and publications new patterns and new guidelines for future research of the phenomena of the transformation of Roman world and society as well as those of the longue durée in Late Antique and medieval art and architecture were set. In that context the important place is held by the IRC for Late Antiquity and the Middle Ages of the University of Zagreb, that for the last 20 years, primarily through the annual IRCLAMA Symposia, gathers European scholars and researchers with the common interest in art and architecture of the first millennium and of wider social and cultural trends and changes of Late Antiquity and the middle ages.

Throughout various topics of the symposia, where fruitful interaction between archaeologists, historians, art historians and other specialists is always present, important questions were raised and significant common, trans-regional features and artistic connections were recognized. The results of the IRCLAMA projects and symposia, based primarily on interdisciplinary approach, contributed greatly to the change of the overall picture of the religious art and architecture of the first millennium and its re-evaluation and placement in a broader context.

Organisation :
Gian Pietro BROGIOLO
Jean Pierre CAILLET

Programme du colloque