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27-28 avril 2017, Oxford : Methodological Innovation in Late Medieval Studies

Les 27 et 28 avril prochain un atelier se tiendra à l’université d’Oxford autour des innovations méthodologiques dans l’étude des cours et des pratiques culturelles de la fin du Moyen Âge. Il est organisé par l’équipe du projet (financé par l’ERC) Malmecc : Music and Late Medieval European Court Cultures.

Programme et inscription : www.malmecc.eu/events

This is the inaugural workshop of the ERC Music and Late Medieval European Court Cultures project. It will be held at Wadham College, University of Oxford.
The workshop takes places over two days, and tea and coffee will be provided free of charge.

27th April (Morning)

Welcome and Introduction to the MALMECC project
The Impact of Sound Studies
Performativity and Ceremonial

27th April (Afternoon)

Multivocality, Polyvocality, and Aesthetics

28th April (Morning)

Enactments and the multisensory approach
Materiality and Ceremonial Part 1 – Handling Books

28th April (Afternoon)

Materiality and Ceremonial Part 2 – Textiles
Final Discussion

Andrew Albin (Fordham University)
Dominic Brookshaw (University of Oxford)
Mary Carruthers (University of Oxford)
Ursula Gießmann (University of Cologne)
John Harper (Bangor University, University of Birmingham)
Karl Kügle (University of Oxford, Utrecht University)
Anna Kvícalová (Free University of Berlin)
Elizabeth Leach (University of Oxford)
Ruxandra Marinescu (Utrecht University)
Christophe Masson (University of Oxford)
David Murray (University of Oxford)
Kathryn Rudy (University of St Andrews)
Laura Slater (University of Oxford)