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27-28 sept. 2018, Riggisberg : A Taste for the Exotic : Cross-Cultural Influences in Early Modern Dress and Textiles

Cross-cultural encounters in the early modern period whether through trade, exploration, travel or ambassadorial postings at various courts left their mark and inadvertently influenced the appearance of dress and textiles. The fascination for the unknown, the connections and relationships that were forged and ultimately facilitated by the cross-cultural exchange between Europe, the New World, Africa and Asia enabled the integration of new motifs, styles and techniques, which we have come to recognise as Indian chintzes, Chinese silk, Ottoman textiles among others and a plethora of foreign dress styles. Ideas of cultural appropriation and adaptation, notions of identity, the exchange and interpretations of cultural values, as manifested in dress styles as well as colours, motifs and production methods of textiles emphasise the changing attitudes towards dress and textile consumption in the early modern period.

The conference aims to generate a discussion about the cross-cultural influences in dress and textiles by considering how these ideas were transferred, disseminated and exchanged as well as the ways in which these cultural interactions were used to form connections and foster relationships between different people and places.

Please note that participants will be required to fund and arrange their own travel to Switzerland and accommodations in Bern. Transport by chartered bus from Bern to Riggisberg in the mornings and back in the evenings as well as all refreshments and meals during the conference will be generously provided by the hosting institution Abegg-Stiftung.

Lieu : Abegg-Stiftung, Riggisberg (CH), Werner Abeggstrasse 67,, CH-3132 Riggisberg