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3 mars 2013, London : Intercultural Encounters (call for papers)

Date and place : Saturday, 11th May 2013, IGRS, London
Deadline for Submission : 3rd March 2013

Keynote speaker : Prof Judith Still (University of Nottingham), winner of the R. H. Gapper Book Prize, 2011
Training session : Prof Adrian Armstrong (Queen Mary, University College London) on ‘Post-PhD Career Options’ and ‘How to Improve your CV’

What happens when two cultures interact ? How does the crossing of boundaries – a perennial human need - impact on cultural identity and on the nature of communication ? Intercultural encounters can take place through human journeys, such as pilgrimages, tourism and movements of conquest, or through the circulation of cultural artefacts such as texts, visual art or other media. Whatever the form of the encounter or its motivation – belligerent invasion, the need for discovery or the wish to communicate with others – such encounters are usually defining moments, calling complex processes into play.
A crucial transfer takes place when two cultures meet, as the language, concepts, customs and art forms of one culture pass into the interpretative realm of another. By means of a process of ‘translation’, the observed culture is understood through foreign terms, different temporal frames and different media, and is thus transformed. This raises the issue of our cultural and temporal situatedness, and the effect this has on our (lack of) ability fully to appreciate other cultures. Similarly the transmission of a literary text into another culture often gives rise to new interpretations, through many kinds of rewriting, both intertextual and intermedial. Active textual reappropriation is in fact a highly productive strategy, connecting literature across national or temporal borders.
We invite proposals for twenty-minute papers that explore French/francophone studies and its many intercultural encounters (across all periods), and whose approaches to these encounters may include anthropology, cultural studies, French/francophone, comparative and translation studies. What happens when French/francophone studies incorporates the artefacts and optics of different cultural others ?
Suggested topics include, but are not limited to :

  • Travel writing
  • Ethnography and self-ethnography
  • Translation, travel and empire
  • Acculturation, Migration
  • Hybridity
  • Intertextuality
  • Comparative Literature
  • Reappropriation
  • The ‘untranslatable’
  • (Re-) translating texts for new generations
  • Adaptations of texts into other cultural mediums, e.g. cinema, visual arts, graphic novels

Travel grants will be available ; students presenting will be given priority.

Please send abstracts (250 – 300 words) for twenty-minute papers (in French or English) along with the name of your institution, the title of your PhD and your year of study to rewart02 chez and M.Mallia chez no later than 3rd March 2013. Informal enquiries are also welcome.

Conference organisers : Rebecca Ewart (QUB) and Marilyn Mallia (University of Southampton)

Rebecca Ewart
rewart02 chez