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4-6 sept. 2022, Winchester : The Queen’s Resources : Examining the Lands, Revenues, Networks, and Economic Power of Premodern Royal Women

The conference ‘The Queen’s Resources : Examining the lands, revenues, networks, and economic power of premodern royal women’, to be held at the University of Winchester on 4-6 September 2022 in hybrid form (in person or remote participation), seeks to examine the economic agency and activity of royal women across premodern Europe.

The conference brings together the themes of previous workshops on lands, resources, affinities, and administration, and covers other areas related to the financial practices of royal women. The conference will also include a workshop where participants will work together to map the next phase of the project and develop an application for funding for future plans for collaborative research.

There are a range of options including residential packages to stay onsite at the university, day attendance options if you live locally or want to source your own accommodation, or virtual options to attend online only (rates are calculated at cost, with different rates for staff/faculty and student/early career/independent). Both the full packages, residential and day, include the conference dinner but if you book individual days only, you need to add the conference dinner if you want to join in for that evening event. The virtual attendance charge is a flat fee which covers ALL days of the conference.

Programme :

Sunday, 4 September 2022

Ellie Woodacre

2:30–4:00 SESSION 1 : Account Books as Sources
Chair : TBA
Elysia Cains : A Psychological Reading of the Financial Activities of Eleanor of Castile
Chris Woolgar : Treasure, Wealth, and Two Fourteenth-Century English Queens
Isabel Escalera Fernández : The Account Books as Testimonies of the Promotion of Jewellery by Queen Isabel la Catolica

4:00–4:30 COFFEE

4:30–5:30 LIGHTNING ROUND 1 : Tudor Queens
Chair : TBA
Valerie Schutte : Anne of Cleves and the Brockehouse Affair
Elizabeth Norton : Jane Seymour as Lady of the Manor
Nicola Clark : Tudor Queens Consort and ‘Household Economy’ : a Two-Way Street ?
Andrea Silen-McMillin : The Lands of the Tudor Queens

5:45–6:45 KEYNOTE
Katrin Keller : Of Donations, Debts and Domains. Economy and Finance as Spaces of Agency for Princely Women in the Holy Roman Empire


Monday, 5 September 2022

9:00-10:30 SESSION 2 : Queens’ Lands and Administration
Chair : TBA
Anaïs Waag : A Year in the Life : Petronila of Aragon in the Comital Accounts of Provisioning at Vilamajor (June 1156–April 1157)
Katia Wright : The Queen’s Administration : The Case of Philippa of Hainault’s Estates
Inês Olaia : Tax Collecting in the Portuguese Queens’ Lands : Double the Trouble ?

10:30–11:00 COFFEE

11:00–12:30 SESSION 3 : Administration and Finances
Chair : TBA
Manuela Santos Silva : The Administration of the Queens’ Town of Óbidos (Portugal, 1387–1437)
Jan Vojtíšek : Administration of the Queen’s Domain in Fourteenth-Century Bohemia
Lledó Ruiz Domingo : The Queen’s Treasury : Queenship, Resources, and Administration in the Crown of Aragon during the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Century

12:30-1:30 LIGHTNING ROUND 2 : Provisions for Death and Widowhood
Chair : TBA
Ana Maria Rodrigues : “With All My Wisdom and Health” : Queens’ Wealth and its Distribution at the Time of Death
Zsolt Simon : The Hungarian Queen’s Lands and Revenues in the Middle Ages
Charlotte Backerra : Dowagers’ Challenge : Hessian Landgravines and their Dowers
Laura Rehrmann : “She shouldn’t have more than other noble widows” : Dower in the Context of Security, Appreciation, and Male Power

1:30–2:30 LUNCH

2:30-4:00 SESSION 4 : Dowers and Dowries
Chair : TBA
Paula Del Val Vales : Mapping Thirteenth-Century Queens’ Dower Lands in Castile, Aragon, and England
Zita Rohr : Unrealized Assets and Blue-Sky Opportunities : Dowers and Dowries in Late Medieval Aragon and France
Silvia Z. Mitchell : Leaning-In Habsburg Style : Mariana of Austria’s Pension and Economic Resources in Widowhood, 1676–1696

4:00–4:30 COFFEE

4:30–6:00 SESSION 5 : Credit
Chair : TBA
Emily Rose : The Queen and her Moneyman : Eleanor of Castile and Hagin fil. Cress in the Thirteenth-Century Real Estate Market
Cristina Garcia Garcia : Gifts and Credit : An Economic Perspective for Studying Royal Affinities from Observations of the Royal Household of Juan I
Ruben Gonzalez Cuerva : Bankrupting your Banker : Empress Maria of Austria, Constantino Magno, and the Limits of Moneylending

6:00–7:00 LIGHTNING ROUND 3 : Power, Councils, and Households
Chair : TBA
Isabela Alberquerue : Anglo-Saxon Queens and the Exercise of Political Power : Possibilities of Analysis
Clara Kaleogérakis : “para sustentación de su Casa” : When the Economy of a Household Sealed the Fate of Joanna of Castile (1496)
Alexander Isaacson : To Be and Remain Her Majesty’s Faithful, Obedient, and Loyal Subjects : Multiple Sources of Authority of Queen Dowager Kristina in Early Seventeenth-Century Sweden
Maria Hayward : Serving the Queen : The Role of Catherine of Braganza’s Council


Tuesday, 6 September 2022

9:00–10:30 SESSION 6 : Economic Resources
Chair : TBA
Fabian Persson : The Island and the Spider : Networks of Early Modern Queens
Ben James : Dona Maria (1644–1693) : Economic Resources and Power of an Illegitimate Royal
Patrik Paštrnák : Reconstructing the Financial Background of the Bridal Journeys : Festival and Agency

10:30–11:00 COFFEE

11:00–12:30 ROUNDTABLE : Database Projects
Chair : Cathleen Sarti
Anna Jagos : Regesta reginarum : House Luxembourg
Jason Sadler : GeoData, University of Southampton
Stefan Dumont : Telota, BBAW (to be confirmed)
Tracy Chapman Hamilton : Mapping the Premodern Women, Sweet Briar (US)
Anna Foka & Dann Wu : Centre for Digital Humanities, Uppsala


1:00 LUNCH