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7-8 mars 2019, Madrid : Magnificence in the 17th Century Performing Splendour in Republican and Princely Contexts

The conference focusses on the appropriation of the concept of magnificence in seventeenthcentury republican and princely contexts in Europe. Although the seventeenth century is previously described as the ‘Age of Magnificence’, thus far no attempts have been made to look how the term and the concept of magnificence functioned in this period. This is all the more surprising as the seventeenth century is strongly defined by the consolidation of religious difference, by a confrontation between growing absolutism versus the success of republics, by an increasing importance of nouveaux riches in public display, as well as by the rise of theories on the impact of art. This Intersections volume will look in which ways these crucial ethical, religious, political, aesthetic and cultural features interacted with thought on magnificence. Therefore, it studies performances of splendour in the broad sense of magnum facere (the etymological origin of magnificence), from spectacular civic and courtly festivities over impressive displays of painting and sculpture in rich architectural settings to the fashioning of grandeur in everyday practices by luxurious attire, exclusive etiquette, and a grand household, as well as in social interactions as diverse as religious cults and warfare, hunt and diplomacy. Moreover, we aim at crossing national borders looking at the influence of different religions, political constellations, and cultural traditions on the use of magnificence.

Lieu : Madrid

Contact: s.p.m.bussels at hum.leidenuniv.nl; gijs.versteegen at urjc.es

Organiseurs: Stijn Bussels, Bram Van Oostveldt, Gijs Versteegen, José Eloy Hortal Muñoz, Ana Diéguez Rodríguez (Leiden University, Leiden University Center for Arts in Society, Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, Instituto Moll)