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Artists in Paris: Mapping the 18th-Century Art World

Where did the artists of 18th-century Paris live and work? Which city neighbourhoods formed the cultural geography of the early modern art world? And how did those geographies change between the seventeenth century and the eve of the French Revolution?

Based on original archival research and the latest digital mapping technologies, Artists in Paris is a website of interactive maps granting access to the geographies and demographies of Paris’s art worlds. Yielding new information and harnessing the exciting possibilities of digital humanities for art-historical research, this website is intended as a valuable resource for anyone studying or researching French art, or anyone with an interest in the history of Paris.

The Principal Investigator of the project is Dr Hannah Williams.
The website was designed and built by Dr Chris Sparks.

Artists in Paris is an open-access digital art history project funded by The Leverhulme Trust and supported by Queen Mary University of London.