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Sólo Madrid es Corte

Only Madrid is the Court is a research network, composed of a group of university professors belonging, mostly, the Institute "The Court in Europe" of the Universidad Autonoma de Madrid, who has been joined another group of researchers belonging to project “Dynamic Complexity of Cooperation-Based Self-Organizing Commercial Networks in First Global Age”, EUROCORES program funded by and conducted by Dr Solana rd Ana Crespo (CSIC).

The research network Only Madrid is the Court assumes ownership of the founding principles of the University Institute of the Universidad Autonoma de Madrid : interdisciplinarity and quality in research and teaching, so that aspires to become a centre of reference required in field of the humanities.

The model and structure that forms the backbone of our interdisciplinary research is the Court, which emerged as a power in the late Middle Ages, allowing the emergence of new political and cultural forms other than those of the Middle Ages. The current vitality of studies on the Court reflects its relevance in the transformation experienced by European society since the Low Middle Ages to recent times. The European Court of the monarchy reached an indisputable political prominence that characterized the complex societies of the Old Regime. Since the Court, the monarchs not only politically articulated their kingdoms, but also conducted a process of transformation of values and way of life that assimilated the dominant groups in Europe. The ceremonial good manners, etiquette, the art of observation and were concealing the social patterns of political behaviour and social generation, have survived, despite its evolution, as forms of power and characteristics of good education to today. In the Spanish case, the model takes on added significance courtier to be a complex element that established the Hispanic Monarchy during the Modern Age and distributed through a common culture in many respects.

This thematic portal aspires to be an instance of consultation required for all researchers working on the Court or on the Spanish monarchy since the middle Ages to the nineteenth century. Such an assertion is not at all pretentious as that on the one hand, contains the works of all the specialists who have been involved in our project, which will serve as a consultation required for academics, but also contains a database of research activities Our group, taken over several decades of individual files Europeans, who will serve as source material for anyone who intends to conduct further research on the Court of the Spanish monarchy.

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