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Society for Court Studies

The Society for Court Studies was founded in London in September 1995 with the aim of stimulating and co-ordinating the study of courts from 1400 to the present.

It examines courts from a multi-disciplinary perspective, bringing together (amongst other areas) architectural history, military history, art history and cultural patronage, and the role of women in courts.

Membership is open to interested scholars and students from any country and to those from related disciplines. Seminars are held in London three times a term, and the Society organises two conferences a year. There is a separate programme of seminars and conferences in North America, where the Society was established in September 1998.

Rubriques :

 Journal : présente la revue The Court Historian, dirigée par Philip Mansel ;
 Biblio : bibliographie réunissant plus de 600 ouvrages récentes utiles pour la recherche sur les cours européennes ;
 Conferences : tables rondes et séminaires (Angleterre et USA) ;
 Archives : articles et interventions édités en ligne.