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Medieval Arms and Armour : a Sourcebook. Volume I. The Fourteenth Century

Ralph Moffat (dir).

MOFFAT Ralph (dir.), Medieval Arms and Armour : a Sourcebook. Volume I : The Fourteenth Century, Boydell & Brewer, 2022.

ISBN : 9781783276769.

Medieval arms and armour are intrinsically fascinating. From the smoke and noise of the armourer’s forge to the bloody violence of the battlefield or the silken panoply of the tournament, weapons and armour – and those who made and bore them – are woven into the fabric of medieval society. This sourcebook will aid anyone who seeks to develop a deeper understanding by introducing and presenting the primary sources in which these artefacts are first mentioned. Over a hundred original documents are transcribed and translated, including wills and inventories, craft statutes, chronicle accounts, and challenges to single combat. The book also includes an extensive glossary, lavishly illustrated with fifty-two images of extant armour and weapons from the period, and contemporary artistic depictions from illuminated manuscripts and other sources. This book will therefore be of interest to a wide audience, from the living history practitioner, crafter, and martial artist, to students of literature, military history, art, and material culture.

Ralph Moffat is Curator of European Arms and Armour at Glasgow Museums. He is responsible for the care, research, and dissemination of information of the people of Glasgow’s collection.

Table des matières :

Using the Sourcebook
English Pronunciation
Towards a Working Vocabulary

Part I. Introduction to the Source-Types

Textual Source-Types
Note on Transcription and Translation
Types of Documents
Official Documents
Prose Sources
List of Documents
Material Source-Types
Armour and Weapons
Part II. The Documents

Part III. Illustrated Glossary