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Memorialising Premodern Monarchs. Medias of Commemoration and Remembrance

Gabrielle Storey (éd.)

STOREY Gabrielle (éd.), Memorialising Premodern Monarchs. Medias of Commemoration and Remembrance, Palgrave MacMillan, 2021.
ISBN : 978-3-030-84129-4

This book examines the legacies and depictions of monarchs in an international context, focusing on both self-representation and commemoration by others. Spanning ancient India through to eighteenth-century Russia, this volume offers several case studies to demonstrate trends and patterns in how different societies chose to commemorate and remember their rulers in a variety of mediums. Contributions highlight several lesser known rulers, alongside more famous ones such as Henry VIII of England, to develop a deeper understanding of how memory and monarchy functioned when drawn together. Memorialising Premodern Monarchs brings to the fore the importance of memory and memorialisation when considering the legacies and records of past rulers and their societies, and allows a deeper reflection on how these rulers live on through the historical record and popular culture.