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Moving Women Moving Objects (400–1500)

Tracy Chapman Hamilton, Mariah Proctor-Tiffany (éd.)

Tracy Chapman Hamilton and Mariah Proctor-Tiffany (éd.), Moving Women Moving Objects (400–1500), Brill, 2019, 149 €.

This collection forges new ground in the discussion of aristocratic and royal women, their relationships with their objects, and medieval geography. It explores how women’s geographic and familial networks spread well beyond the borders that defined men’s sense of region and how the movement of their belongings can reveal essential information about how women navigated these often-disparate spaces. Beginning in early medieval Scandinavia, ranging from Byzantium to Rus’, and multiple lands in Western Europe up to 1500, the essays span a great spatio-temporal range. Moreover, the types of objects extend from traditionally studied works like manuscripts and sculpture to liturgical and secular ceremonial instruments, icons, and articles of personal adornment, such as textiles and jewelry, even including shoes.