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Resilience and Recovery at Royal Courts, 1200–1840

Fabian Persson, Munro Price, Cinzia Recca (éd.)

PERSSON Fabian, PRICE Munro, RECCA Cinzia (éd.), Resilience and Recovery at Royal Courts, 1200–1840, Palgrave Macmillan, Cham, 2023.

ISBN : 978-3-031-20122-6.

Explores the concept of ’resilience’ as understood in various fields. Considers how royal courts and monarchies weathered change and crisis. Gathers examples from medieval, early modern and modern Europe.

Table of contents :
Front Matter
Pages i-xii

Resilience : An Introduction
Munro Price
Pages 1-6

Two Sisters, Two Towns, Two Kings : Facing War and Still Ruling
Inês Olaia
Pages 7-20

Hungaria Hispanica : Resilient Hungary and Its Integration into the Spanish Habsburg System, 1558–1648
Tibor Monostori
Pages 21-40

The Futility of Madame : Marguerite of Lorraine and Elisabeth-Charlotte of the Palatinate in the Service of Their Threatened Homelands
Jonathan Spangler
Pages 41-64

Francis Taaffe, Third Earl of Carlingford, and the House of Lorraine’s Exile and Restoration, 1670–1704
Stephen Griffin
Pages 65-83

Ex vulnere vigor : Emblematic Representations of Resilience in the Royal Festivals in Honour of Pedro II (1648–1707), King of Portugal
Filipa Araújo
Pages 85-104

The Eighteenth-Century Crisis in the European Order and Victor Amadeus II as a Model of Resilience for Italian Patriotism and Cultural Unity
Adriana Luna-Fabritius
Pages 105-121

Charles of Bourbon, King of Southern Italy (1734–1759) : The Resilience of the Neapolitan ‘Nation’, the Development of Reformism and the Strength of the Reaction
Roberto Tufano
Pages 123-139

The European Catholic Dynasties and the Fight Against Smallpox : Bourbon Rulers Between Resilient and Resistant Actions
Giacomo Lorandi, Cinzia Recca
Pages 141-161

Resilience Born of Desperation : Keeping Dynasties Going in Eighteenth-Century Europe
Fabian Persson
Pages 163-183

Resilience and Revolution : The Defence of the Dynastic Interests of Charles IV and Maria Luisa of Parma in the Changing World of the Late Eighteenth Century
Ainoa Chinchilla
Pages 185-200

The Resilience and Resistance of the Bourbon Monarchy in the Kingdom of Naples (1799–1802)
Giuseppina D’Antuono
Pages 201-213

‘We Alone Know’ : How King Frederick VI of Denmark and His Regime Coped with Defeat in 1814
Michael Bregnsbo
Pages 215-231

‘Cholera Adunque è Malattia Nervosa’ : The 1836–1837 Cholera Epidemic in the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies : Reception, Resilience, and Revolution
Maria Gabriella Tigani Sava
Pages 233-250

Back Matter
Pages 251-253