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Staging the Court of Burgundy

T. H. Borchert, W. Blockmans, N. Gabriëls et al.

T. H. Borchert / W. Blockmans / N. Gabriëls / J. Oosterman / A. Van Oosterwijk (eds.), Staging the Court of Burgundy, Turnhout, Brepols, 2012. 400 p., 200 b/w ill. + 50 colour ill., 220 x 280 mm, ISBN : 978-1-905375-82-0, 100 €.

In the course of the fifteenth century, the reputation of the Burgundian court rose to an unprecedented level, catapulted forward by ever growing territorial ambitions and accumulation of wealth. This reached a climax during the reign of Charles the Bold (1433-1477), the living embodiment of the pomp and pageantry of the Burgundian court and a generous patron of the fine arts. Rather than focusing on a single domain, this volume aims to shed light on Burgundian court culture as an organic whole, between the start of the reign of Philip the Good (1419) and the death of Mary of Burgundy (1482). It is intended to provide a forum for new research from the fields of History, History of Art, Literature and Musicology. With contributions (among others) from Wim Blockmans, Herman Brinkman, Barbara Haggh, Andrea Berlin, James Bloom, Till-Holger Borchert, Andrew Brown, Hendrik Callewier, Anna Campbell, Mario Damen, Sonja Duennebeil, Jonas Goossenaerts, Bieke Hillewaert, Andrew Hamilton, Eva Helfenstein, Jesse Hurlbut, Sophie Jolivet, Sascha Köhl, Sherry Lindquist, Jana Lucas, Samuel Mareel, Elizabeth J. Moodey, Klaus Oschema, Kathryn Rudy, Emily Snow, Olga Vassilieva-Codognet, Hanno Wijsman.

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