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The Fall of a Carolingian Kingdom : Lotharingia 855–869

Charles West

WEST Charles, The Fall of a Carolingian Kingdom : Lotharingia 855–869, Toronto, University of Toronto Press, 2023.

ISBN : 978-1-48754-516-1.

he Fall of a Carolingian Kingdom investigates how the first royal divorce scandal led to the collapse of a kingdom, changing the fate of medieval Europe. Through a set of annotated translations of key contemporary sources, the book presents the downfall of the Frankish kingdom of Lotharingia as a case study in early medieval politics, equipping readers to develop their own independent interpretations.

The book tracks the twists and turns of the scandal as it unfolded over a crucial decade and a half in the ninth century. Drawing on primary sources such as letters, material culture, and secret treaties, The Fall of a Carolingian Kingdom offers readers a sharply defined window into one of the most dramatic episodes in Carolingian history, rich with insights on the workings of early medieval society.

Charles West is a professor of medieval history at the University of Edinburgh.

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1. King Lothar II Grants Winebert an Immunity, November 856
2. A Coin of King Lothar II (Undated)
3. The Quierzy Letter, November 858
4. The Remiremont Liber Memorialis “Royal Entry,” December 861
5. The Council of Aachen, 29 April 862
6. The Summit at Savonnières, November 862
7. Bishop Adventius Writes to Archbishop Theutgaud, Early 863
8. King Lothar II Grants a Church to the Convent of St-Pierre in Lyon, 18 May 863
9. Bishop Adventius Reforms the Monastery of Gorze, June 863
10. Eberhard and Gisela Make a Will, c. 863
11. Bishop Adventius Writes to Pope Nicholas, Early 864
12. The Bishops of Lotharingia Write to the West Frankish Bishops, c. 865
13. King Lothar II Grants Queen Theutberga Lands, 17 January 866
14. Pope Nicholas Writes about Waldrada to the Bishops of Gaul, Germany, and Italy, 13 June 866
15. Queen Ermentrude’s Coronation, 25 August 866
16. Pope Nicholas I Writes to King Charles the Bald, 25 January 867
17. Bishop Adventius Organizes Prayers against the Northmen, Summer 867
18. The Metz Oath, c. 868
19. King Lothar II Writes to Archbishop Ado of Vienne, July 869
20. Pope Hadrian II Writes to the Lotharingian Aristocracy, 5 September 869
21. The Sacramentary of Metz, 869
22. Emperor Louis II Writes to Emperor Basil I of Byzantium, Early 871