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Virtual Palaces. Part II : Lost Palaces and their Afterlife

Stephan Hoppe, Stefan Breitling (éd.)

Stephan Hoppe, Stefan Breitling (éd.), Virtual Palaces, Part II. Lost Palaces and their Afterlife. Virtual Reconstruction between Science and Media, Palatium, 2016, ISBN 978-94-6018-538-0, 305 pages, disponible en ligne.

This volume deals with digital reconstructions and visualizations of palaces, castles, and other kinds of residential architecture of the early modern period. It focuses not so much on the digital modelling of extant buildings, but rather on the virtual reconstruction of ‘lost’ buildings – in particular of palaces destroyed or drastically altered, or which were never actually built in the first place.

These diverse case studies presented here explore a range of approaches and methods of using virtual reconstructions as tools for both scientific research and dissemination to a wider public. They address problems such as the visualization of uncertainties, the dynamic modelling of a building’s evolution through time, and the use of digital reconstructions as repositories of data and knowledge.

The numerous digital models and associated images discussed in this volume display an enormous variety in terms of the underlying technology, data conceptualization and visual style. Such adaptability means that this new medium finds considerable application in architectural history and related disciplines. It also means that digital reconstructions ought to be regarded as cultural products and therefore become objects of scholarly research in their own right.

The thirteen papers collected in this volume were first presented at the PALATIUM workshop Virtual Palaces, Part II held in Munich in April 2012.

Contributors : Stefan Breitling, Martin Buba, Tom Chandler, Krista De Jonge, Jan Fuhrmann, Alexandra Gago da Câmara, Marc Grellert, Franziska Haas, Sven Havemann, Stephan Hoppe, Peter Heinrich Jahn, Thomas Köhler, Dominik Lengyel, Piet Lombaerde, Ana Catarina G. Lopes, Heike Messemer, Sander Münster, Helena Murteira, Marc Muylle, Martin Polkinghorne, Paulo Rodrigues, Michael Rykl, Christian Seitz, Catherine Toulouse, Markus Wacker, Olaf Wagener, Dirk Welich.

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