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A New Place for Queens in Early Modern France

Nicola Courtright

N. Courtright, "A New Place for Queens in Early Modern France", in The Politics of Space : European Courts ca. 1500-1750, Chapter : X, Publisher : Bulzoni, Editors : Marcello Fantoni, George Gorse, Malcolm Smuts.

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In his guidebook to Paris, Henri Sauval described the history of the royal lodgings of the Louvre in two ways deserving attention here. Begun in 1654, the early years of the Louis XIV’s life under his mother Anne of Austria’s regency, and edited by Claude-Bernard Rousseau after the author’s demise in 1676, this work was not published until almost a decade after the king’s death in 1715. The particularly notable points he makes are first, that since the Louvre was built, the lodgings of the king and queen remained in the same place that they could be found in the current day....

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