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After 1789

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History and function

The court and its rulers

Households, offices and functions

Education and training

Perceptions of the court and royalty

Politics, war and justice

Religion, spirituality and hermetism

Finances and territorial management

International and national relations

Art and culture

Literature, philosophy, rhetoric

Architecture and urbanism

Gardens and landscapes

Inner spaces

Painting and the graphic arts


The decorative arts

Art patronage and management

International transfers & influences

Periods, iconography and styles

Court life

Etiquette and hierarchy

Sociability and psychologie

Table ceremonial

Hunt, animals and equestrian arts

Medecine, sciences and knowledge

Travels, itineraries and exile

Body and costume

Pageantry & festivities

Ceremonies and Pageantry


Funerals and necropolis


Festivities and receptions

Music and dance


Regalia, clothes and symbolism

Individuals, families, groups

The royal family

Nobility and the Third Estate

Artists and architects


Social groups